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Training Healing Power of Singing

Training Healing Power of Singing

This training is conducted by Wolfgang and Katharina Bossinger in Germany and Austria.
The Healing Power of Singing is a training for using the voice, Healing Songs, Toning and many other healthful forms of singing to strengthen the self healing powers of singers.
Also effective leading of singing groups is teached and supervised. Scientific background of healthful singing (neurobioloy, musictherapy, chronobiology and other related scientific approaches) is communicated and explained. This training is open to anybody not only experienced singers!
If you are interested please contact Wolfgang Bossinger for further information e-mail

Dates for training in germany
14 - 16 march 2014 module 1
8-11 may 2014 module 2
18 - 20 july 2014 module 3
23- 26 octobre 2014 module 4

Location: Southern Germany, Evangelical Academy Akademie Bad Boll 
Akademieweg 11
D-73087 Bad Boll Germany, Southern Germany close to Stuttgart

Dates for training in Austria/Graz
part l 22 - 25 may 2014
part 2 4 - 9 august 2014

Education Centre Mariatrost, Kirchbergstraße 18, A-8044 Graz, Tel. 0316 / 39 11 31, Fax DW-30, e-mail: office@mariatrost.at
Website: www.mariatrost.at

Film The Healing Power of Singing