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Flow and Spiritual Dimensions of Singing

  • Singing of healing songs can help to experience deep Flow and Peak experiences. If a whole group sings together for some time with a well trained singing leader the group builds up a strong resonance field. The experience of deep connectedness becomes stronger and stronger, because the whole group breaths together (when singing the song), expresses the same emotions, is doing similar movements while dancing or shaking in the rhythme of the music. As an effect of this also the different body rhythms (breathing, heart beat, blood circulation rhythms and other chronobiological rhythms start to resonate in the whole group of singers. Many participants of a group singing healing songs report as a result of this strong transcendental experiences which help them to feel better, to feel more connected with god, with their heart, with the other members of the group, or to experience a deeper sense in life and an opening of the heart with the experience of love and healing.