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About Healing Songs and Healthful Singing (written by Wolfgang Bossinger, October 2012)
Throughout the world in every cultural tradion singing was used for healing, rituals and spiritual ceremonies. In fact singing is one of the oldest traditions in human kind to strengthen the self healing powers of human beeings and reaches back to ancient shamanistic cultures of the hunters and gatherers 20000 years before christ.
Singing as an approach to strengthen health and to heal in almost every tradition uses healing songs which are simple chants with short melodies and lyrics which are mantralike. Through longtime repetition of these songs the singer or a whole group of singers can tune in and create a strong field of resonance. People who are singing in that way can experience Flow (becoming completely absorbed of the moment) or even stronger experiences like so-called Peak Experiences (see Abarahman Maslow) which are related with experiencing the spiritual dimensions of the Self (like being connected with the universe and the whole group of singers, opening of the heart, intense happiness and feeling of deeper sense, etc.).
the beneficial effects of singing occur mainly when the singing comes out of the heart and is effortless without expectations. Anybody can participate in such a form of healthful singing.
In our training program "The Healing Power of Singing" we teach how to conduct such forms of singing.
Modern science now also shows that singing has a lot of beneficial effects (the following facts are published in my book “The Healing Power of Singing” (only in german language available from Wolfgang Bossinger))
physical effects of singing
psychological effects of singing
Flow and spiritual dimensions of singing

an article by Wolfgang Bossinger about The Healing Power of Song